Transitions Are An Integral Part Of The Classroom Procedures Essay

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Transitions are an integral part of the classroom procedures. Transition times can be the most chaotic times of the day in any classroom setting. Transitions are defined as the times during the day when children move or change from one activity to another. These actives could include entering in the classroom, moving to different centers, going to lunch or recess and even going home. Transition times have to be planned carefully and implemented early, because by minimizing transition, we can then maximize the time children spend engaging in developmentally appropriate actives. The transition times that I observed where going to the bathroom, and changing actives in a third grade classroom. I would say that the transition for bathroom breaks was the smoothest because the children did the actives quietly and without directions. I think that this was the case because the way the teacher had the transition set-up. She had a board on her door and the children did not even have to ask they would just move their name piece to the bathroom space and then go. Instead of randomly picking and then describing a brain break maybe the teacher could have brain breaks for each subject, using just those brain breaks to make to transition less hectic.
The child I have selected is a boy of the age of 11form my third grade classroom. He is a bigger boy and seems to be picked on in a regular manner. From what I can tell this boy is anti-social because of the fact that he gets picked on for his…

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