Theme Of Transitions In Educating Rita

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Transitions are changes which may by intentional or inevitable and they create and disconnect relationships, due to new perspectives. Transitions are explored within the drama Educating Rita by Willy Russell and the collage picture book “Windows” by Jennie Baker. The drama explores transitions through the relationship between Rita, a working class women and Frank a university professor, as Rita strives to break free of the class boundaries that restrict her and become educated, allowing her to create a new life for herself. The book “Windows” displays the evolution of a village as a young boy transition into a man.
Transitions may be intentional, but can put those who attempt such a thing on the wrong path. The Drama, “Educating Rita “shows
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Often intentional transition my lead us on a false path, causing us to assume that there is only one proper way to do something. This is exhibited when Rita arrives in Frank’s office speaking in an artificial middle class voice, and when Frank questions her about it, she replies, “I have merely decided to talk properly.” This reveals that Rita has changed externally and her initial intention was to change internally as she declared, “if you want to change y’ have to do it from the inside,” a wisdom that she has seemingly forgotten. Rita continuously states that she wants to be like the people above her in social status “I want to talk serious like the rest of you…livin’ a civilised life”. Rita says “I wanna know a’ pass exams like they do” in reply the stage direction of Frank indicating a pile of essay and stating “to pass examinations, you’re going to have to… abandon your uniqueness … (I) have to change you”. This reveals that although Frank thinks every essay in that pile is alike and tedious, Rita, nonetheless, wants to produce an essay like that. The window which Rita looks through as she says “I love the lawn down there… do they sit on it… the proper students” is a barrier, through which she craves to be seen at as a proper student. Rita’s somewhat satisfied when she is “down at the lawn …show more content…
In “Educating Rita” her transition ends up changing her and Denny’s views of each other, “He’s wondering’ where the girl he married has gone” and “he wants to take life away from me”. Her transition destroys her relationship, “he packed me case…either I stop comin’ here an’ come of the pill or I could get out altogether”. Similarly in “Windows” a boy is depicted holding on to his mother, symbolising that he need her to get on his feet. However after the second opening she is no longer seen, revealing the disconnection of their close bond, due to his transition. A cat is displayed in every opening with the boy, it watches him transition as it does too. The cat is depicted in many opening with the boy holding it, looking at it or patting it, however the last opening doesn’t have the cat, revealing the loss of a relationship, due to a transition. Rita also created new relationship as presented when she calls Mr Tyson “Tiger” revealing that she has assimilated with the “proper student” and created relationship with them. A new relationship presented in “Windows” because a girl is displayed waiting for the boy, then the eleventh opening displays him with his arm around her and a truck titled “removals”. Exhibiting that his relationship has further transited. Therefore this reveal that transition have created new relationships as well as caused other to disappear. Moreover in “Educating Rita” her new relationship

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