Training For Sales Staff : The Most Important Person Is The Customer

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1. Training to sales staff : In retailing the most important person is the customer. Next in importance is the retail salesperson And the most important job the salesperson does in the shop is selling. Good selling means satisfying the customer with both merchandise and service. Good selling is more than the ability to talk or to give each customer a friendly smile. Selling can be learned by practice and study; and contrary to popular belief among salespeople as well as the general public, sale men are not born but become good salespeople through observation and experience. No matter how much a salesperson knows about selling, there is always more to be learned. No matter how little an inexperienced salesperson knows, he can learn to sell successfully if he works hard at it.
The unorganized retailer may provide informal training to the sales staff, especially with reference to customer relationship, product knowledge, and overall general behavior with the customers. Whenever, the behavior of the staff is inappropriate, the shop owner may suggest for improvement. At the same time, the retailers must rewards the sales staff for their good behavior.

2. Special service policies :
It is a commonplace that most retailers sell not merely merchandise, but merchandise plus service. Hence from a promotional standpoint, in connection with establishing consumer patronage and goodwill, retail shops are faced with problems of service policy.
Unorganized retailers cannot…

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