Training and Development in Retail Industry Essays

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Process of Training and Development in Retail Sector


Executive Summary
Training & Development process in retail sector is mainly a planned activity which is carried in Organization. It plays very important role in retail sector to develop employee skills & knowledge to sale product. It has been practiced more nowadays in retail sector because of modern technology & changing standard of living among customers.
Main aim of training & development is to make employee perform well, especially Sales Executive, there is a need for constant training and development programme. The right employee training, development and education provides big payoffs for the employer in increased productivity, knowledge, loyalty, and contribution to
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Index ChapterNo. | Topic | Page No. | 1 | Introduction | 4 | 2 | Organizations Profile | 13 | 3 | Literature Review 3.1 Objective s of the study 3.2 Scope of the study 3.3 Training and Development3.4 Purpose of Training and Development 3.5 Training Process3.6 Training and Development Methods 3.7 Benefits of Training | 1920202123252833 | 4 | 4.1 Research Methodology4.2 Data Analysis and Data Interpretation | 3842 | 5 | 5.1 Findings5.2 Limitations5.3 Suggestions5.4 Conclusion | 56565757 | 6 | Reference | 58 | 7 | Appendix Copy of Questionnaire | 59 |


Training In Retail Sector
Overview of Retail Industry:
The India Retail Industry is the largest among all the industries, accounting for over 10 per cent of the country GDP and around 8 per cent of the employment. The Retail Industry in India has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. But all of them have not yet tasted success because of the heavy initial investments that are required to break even with other companies and compete with them. The India Retail Industry is gradually inching its way towards becoming the next boom industry.
The total concept and idea of shopping

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