Case Study Kelly's Openness

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Kelly Brown relationship maintenance positively strategy shared her parent’s encouragement among each other. Along with her mother loving personality keeping their family together. These positive things keep her parent’s relationship happy. In Kelly’s openness strategy her parents honestly are one reason they have been together for so long. Next is assurance strategy the affections between Kelly’s parents haven’t stopped after 25 years of marriage. She stated that they still say “I love you” and act like teenager sometimes. Far as understanding strategy she shared her parents still have forgiveness and understanding for their situations even though things get hard at times. In her networks strategy family is very important especially when they value the same opinions. In Kelly relationship talks strategy her parents like to discuss all aspects of their relationship. Her self-disclosure strategy was her father being private and times get rough no matter what they still discuss what is the most important. Lastly, her parents task strategy is normally …show more content…
Tracie openness strategy shared a couple that had a lack of communication until one spouse decided to share what was bothering them. In Tracie assurance strategy her and brother and his girlfriend aren’t legally married but act as if so. In her understanding strategy she knows family is important to her husband, so when his sister need help she was willing to take her in with no problems. In Tracie network strategy family is important to her husband so she is expecting to be at all family gathering. Her relationship talks strategy Tracie and her husband had to talk in order to realize what was going wrong between them. In her self-disclosure strategy her husband encourages her to talk to him instead of keep quiet. Lastly, their task strategy is split upon tasks but they still help each

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