Michael Kelly Case Study

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I had the opportunity to interview a man named Michael Kelly. Michael Kelly is the current Chief Operating Officer, or COO, of the College Football Playoff. His office is currently based in Irving, Texas, so this interview had to be done through the phone. Before this interview, I wasn 't sure what was more nerve racking; being interview or actually giving the interview. Because when you 're being interview, you don 't know what questions you’ll be asked. When it’s the other way around, when you ask the question, you don 't know what kind of answer you 're going to get. Especially when you 're about to interview someone that’s involved with one of the most popular sports in America, even when its just a few years old. But I was ready …show more content…
He stated that his experience was what got him the COO job. Like mentioned, Michael Kelly worked at two different universities in athletics, six years with the ACC, and working three different super bowls. So Michael Kelly had the experience and the knowledge of handling the job as COO of the CFP. On the side, I asked him how he heard about the job. His former boss of the ACC, commissioner John Swofford, contacted the president of the CFP for him, as a way of a connection. This ended up leading me to my next question, whether if there was a process that he had to go through in order to obtain a position with the CFP? Just like the connection, he went though a national search in order to see if there were any other opportunities for Michael. He saw the job description and he figured he had what it took to obtain the position of COO. So he sent in his resume and was able to get two interviews. His first one was a phone interview, to get a good idea of who he was. And then, he was able to have a Skype interview to see if the CFP was able to get an idea if Michael was the perfect fit. Sure enough, Michael was and, like mentioned, he was hired in November of

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