How Does Hillbilly Elegy Relates To Today's Society

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One of the issues mentioned in the book, Hillbilly Elegy, that relates to today’s society and my own personal experiences is the inability to openly love and trust loved ones. In today’s society, the generation has commonly been described as “lost” or ‘confused”. Many teenagers and adults tend to struggle with trust. The reason being that relationships have been showcased in such a negative and cynical light which cause many people in today’s society tend to focus on the bad aspects of a relationship. Many people in today’s society struggle with obtaining the skills needed to pursue an equally beneficial relationship, and this results in a plethora of different problems. Due to the issues that come with being in any sort of relationship, it is common for people to form some kind of defense mechanism. Defense mechanisms in relationships can be very detrimental to the couple as a whole. Unfortunately, defense mechanisms and bad relationship habits are sometimes formed in early childhood. In the book, …show more content…
Vance’s relationship, nor today’s society. In society today, the youth are simply misled by the glorification of relationships. Society does not teach people what a relationship is truly about, therefore, many of the things needed to create a strong and prosperous partnership are not instilled in their minds early on. Not only does society play a huge role in a person’s relationship, but so does their upbringings. As previously discussed, the bad habits showcased by the parents can follow the child for the remainder of their adult life. However, The bad habits are not the only important thing that influences the development of a successful relationship. The good habits are another that is important. Parents fail to teach their children the importance of trust and genuine love, and this is one of the main things that may hinder someone from having a good

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