Interpersonal Communication In He's Just Not That Into You

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He’s Just Not That Into You is a movie released in 2009 directed by Ken Kwapis (Dargis, 2009). Basically, it follows the love lives of various characters. The movie stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Gigi, who plays the role of a young lady trying to understand different signals she gets from men while in a relationship. To this end, she seeks advice from Justin Long as Alex, a bar owner, who brands himself the all-knowing character on matters regarding dating. Then there is Gigi’s coworker, Jeniffer Connelly as Janine, whose relationship with her husband, Bradley Cooper as Ben is a mess because she thinks Ben smokes and also he is cheating on her with Scarlett Johansson, Anna. Also, Jennifer Aniston, Beth, is Gigi’s friend at work. She has a successful …show more content…
Having good interpersonal skills is the key to success in various aspects of life (Wood, 2015). Some of the concepts of interpersonal communication in He’s Just Not That Into You include mind reading, perception, stereotype, self-discloser, and commitment among others.
Perception refers to the process of selecting, organizing and interpreting individuals, situations, activities or experiences (Wood, 2015). Generally, perception play a significant role in human communication as it helps individuals understand other’s communication. Also, it determines the choices people make in their communication. In this movie, perception dictates the decisions and relationship of various characters including Gigi. First, Gigi’s perception of men greatly affects her relationship with men. For instance, she believes that men who act like total jerks are the ones that are interested in her. Based on this, Gigi continued to look for her Mr. Right but fails to get one as most men that cross her path just pass time with her then dump her. She so blind that if a man fails to call her, she is still convinced that he is into her as she comforts herself that maybe the man is just too busy to call her. Truly, this is not the case as explained by Behrendt and Tuccillo (2009), who state that if a man is into a lady, he let her know, calls her, and introduces
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Self-disclosure refers to sharing with another person information that enables them have a good understanding of a person. In this movie, different characters trust their friends with their issues and share some issues as their seek help or advice. For instance, Gigi and Janine are good friends working together and they share or talk about almost everything. The two freely share information about their husbands and relationships. From their relationship and how they share personal information shows that they are best friends with good understanding of one another. Both of them are there for each other, to listen to each other and provide necessary advice. For example, Janine trusts Gigi so much to an extent of disclosing personal information that her husband is having an affair and they no longer have sex. Only a true friend can be trusted with such information to handle and offer proper advice. Another example of self-disclosure in the movie can be seen in the relationship between Alex and Gigi. Gigi trusts Alex with her problems and follows his advice, but before she met Alex, she never listened to anyone’s advice. This is an indication of how she trusts her new

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