Essay on Today 's World Equal Rights

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Most cultures and societies in history have viewed women as "the weaker sex”. Often they were expected to only perform jobs such as having children and domestic chores, they even were considered less intelligent than men at times. In the past, this idea carried over into fewer jobs for women, they even received below average pay, and many cultures had poor working conditions. In today’s world equal rights is across the board in every job in America. We have been fighting for equal rights for women for years. The military has allowed women to serve for several years even in active duty. Today the military has a set of standards that they follow that is not equal for everyone. “The military has different physical standards based on age and sex for the Army and Marines. In either service, the standards for both sexes would be the same for those trying to get into the infantry and other combat arms specialties” (Micheals & Brooks, 2013). The questions that are being raised are why the standards are lower for women than men? Should the military abide by the law and train women at lower standards putting our other male soldiers at risk just to give women one more victory in the workforce no matter what the cost may be? There have been several studies conducted throughout the years to see if women can handle the same requirements that the male combat soldiers must complete in basic combat training. The marines conducted the first studied in 2011 called “USMC Assignment of…

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