Time Management Leadership Task 2 Essay

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Time Management

As leaders we often times feel that there is not enough time for everything we need to accomplish in a day. Some people equate being busy with being productive. The “pareto principle” states that 20% of what we do produces 80% of what we achieve. (SkillSoft, 2009) This means that we should be focusing our time on the 20% of the things that are most important and complete those tasks. If a leader applies good time management strategies to the way you work you should be able to spend more than 20% of your time on the important tasks that need to be completed. Managing the valuable commodity of time can improve both your professional and personal life. In order for a leader to really manage their time they need to answer
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b. Record every activity throughout the day as the activity takes place.
c. Include all activities, even those that appear to be wasteful time.
d. Track your time during a typical week when you are in the office all week.
2. Categorize activities
a. Create a set of categories used to label each type of time.
3. Prioritize activities
a. Activities should be prioritized based on urgency and importance.
b. Create a label for three levels; H, M, L for high, medium, and low.
c. Use appropriate priorities for tasks that are critical, urgent, provide value, non-urgent, etc.
4. Summarize data
a. Summarize data at the end of the week.
b. Create a separate summary sheet that documents activities, total hours, average per day and the priority label.

Table 1: Sample Time Log.
Time Category Activity Priority Minutes
8:00 AM Email reading emails M 30
8:30 AM Planning plan daily schedule H 15
8:45 AM Meeting meet with team L 45
9:30 AM Meeting meet with suppliers H 60
10:30 AM Analysis review sales reports M 30
11:00 AM Research research product goals H 60
12:00 PM Lunch Lunch L 60

Table 2: Summary for Week 1
Activity Total Hours Avg per day Priority
Non-essential meetings 10:00 2:30 L
Analysis 7:00 1:30 H
Research 5:30 1:05 H
Meetings 4:00 0:45 M
Email 3:30 0:30 M
Planning 1:00 0:10 H

Once you have completed the time log for a week along with the summary data table, you can review and

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