Three Career Choices: Interior Design, Baking, And Teaching

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Interior design, baking, and teaching are my top three career choices. I chose Interior Design because I always loved watching the HGTV shows where they would remodel an old space into a new one. I always thought it would we nice to do it myself. Baking would be my second choice because I love to bake. There are so many recipes that you can try and having your own shop of baked goods would be rewarding. I 've always loved kids so teaching in a Kindergarten or Elementary school would be a dream. It would be great to see their progress from the beginning to the end of the year and to say that I helped them get there.
In Interior Design, designers have to do a lot of things for their client. It 's more than just picking out colors and furniture
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Usually getting your bachelor degree is required for Interior Design career. Also required are classes in Interior Design, Drawing and Computer- Aided design (CAD); License requirements may vary by state. In some states people that are licensed designers can do interior design works but in other states you don 't need a license. There are actually some states that prohibit the title of “Interior Designer,” unless you pass a test. After passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam you may call yourself a registered Interior Designer. But there are requirements and qualifications that you need before taking the test. Before taking the exam you need your bachelor 's degree and two years of experience.
Most Interior Designers work full time and are self employed. They need to be flexible and work when it 's convenient for the client. They work many weekends and nights. Sometimes Interior Designers have to travel to go to their client’s location. In 2012, Interior Designer’s salaries were around $47,600 or $22.89 per hour (Interior Design, 1), depending where you are based out
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It 's just not teaching the students the basic subjects of math, english, science and history. Teachers need to set up rules in a classroom so children have better social skills and know hot to act properly. All students are different, so teachers would need to find their strengths and weaknesses to help them become better students. Elementary school teachers need to communicate with student’s parents about their progress more than high school teachers. Each state has educational requirements of materials that you would need to know so teachers need to prepare students for those state tests. You can work in a public or private school. It is a satisfying feeling to see your students develop and learn new skills. It is important for teachers to have updated textbooks and technologies in order for the students to keep up in today’s society. They work during the day when school is in session, which is about 8 hours, but teachers have to bring a lot of work home to prepare for the days ahead. They also have to meet with parents after school, go to conferences during the weekends, and have to go to after school

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