Cosmetology Career Essay

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Cosmetology plays an important aspect of everyday life with the specialist that includes hairstyling, cutting and dyeing hair, skin care, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures, facial hair and also includes waxing.

Before you graduate you need to pass your writing exam that each state requires, you also need to volunteer to get your hours for cosmetology school, they will train you and go step by step so you can be able to work on clients. So you can learn what you need to do, you also have to have a cosmetology licensee to be able to work whenever you graduate.

I will like to involve in cosmetology because I like to work with my hands and I also want people to feel better than they think they are also because I like to design my nails that is why I will like to get involved in this type of job because sometimes you have to take a risk on your career. And also because I don’t want to be in collage for too many years, and for cosmetology can take from 1 to 2 years of school to graduate.
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The amount of money you make it depends, the coverage of a cosmetologist has a salary of 23,140 a year, and an entry level cosmetology can earn 17,010 while an exercised cosmetologist has a coverage annual salary of 44,220, but this can go higher or lower it depends of the amount of hours you work.

Cosmetologist most of the time does hair and makeup they also do all the types but most of the time they focus on makeup and hair they can do all he types of work you want in your

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