Essay on The World Was Created By Who Is Science, God Or Its Self?

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The world was created by who? Science, God or its self? All these questions are asked everyday by people who do not want to believe there is a magnificent being up in heaven. I would not say I never thought exactly like the way these people think but because of my encounter with the God, I am able to believe there is a supreme being. According to the biblical view, God is the creator of all things here and is to come. The animals, tress, sunlight, darkness, and most importantly humans. (Genesis 1-26) emphasizes on the world and how it came about. This passage proves that God is the creator of earth and things in it. Man is made in God image because he loves us. According to Pepler, author of creation theology, “the first thing we experience of Gods making –his creation- is man himself” that is why man is free and loved by Him. (Colossians 1:16) is another scripture that elaborates on creation and what was made? And by whom it was made? The trinity is three persons that are combined together in one. That is the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Theologian Millard Erickson states that “it was the father who brought the created universe into being.” God being supreme nothing is impossible for him (Jerimiah 32:17) God did not just create the world and leave it for it to develop on its own, He still is sustaining it and redeeming the people of the world. He makes a way for those who are in need or want him in their daily life.
God as the sustainer is something people find…

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