Essay about The War Of The Civil War

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Soldiers’ day to day lives during the Civil War was filled with drilling, writing letters to their loved ones, and fighting in battles which would potentially change the rest of their lives forever. At the beginning of the war, both the North and the South didn’t have a problem with numbers in their military because of the amount of volunteers. Some would do the heroic thing and join because they “wanted to save the Union” or “secure their liberty.” Though many people from the Confederacy and the Union had a large amount of epic soldiers willing to risk their lives, the South forced the first draft of the war in 1862. This draft required three years of service for any unmarried male that was pressured into the war if they were between the ages of seventeen and thirty-five. As the war continued on, the number of males with the certain requirements to be drafted had been lowered; therefore, the age limit that were able to be drafted changed to fifteen to fifty year olds. The Draft Act was issued in 1863 was the first major draft that occurred during the Civil War. The draft was available to men that were not married and between twenty to forty-five years old. Men that were married were not allowed to be drafted until either side would run of of single men, they were able to be taken and brought into this bloody war. After a few years, the military needed more men; consequently, causing mothers and wives to panic. When a mother knew officers were coming into town, they would…

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