The Top 50 Companies For Diversity Essay

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With the many changes in workplace demographics over the past 50 years, diversity within organizations has become extremely important to their success. The necessity of a having an effective diversity plan for many organizations can make the difference between their success or possible failure of their reputation and profitability. In examining the diversity and implementation strategies from two of “The Top 50 Companies for Diversity” it will provide a blueprint for implementing a diversity plan within the ACME Office of Schools.

Understanding Diversity Today
Diversity is “the real or perceived differences among people in race, ethnicity, sex, age, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, religion, work and family status, weight and appearance, and other identity-based attributes that affect their interactions and relationship.” (Bell, 2012) Because of the wide spectrum of identity-based attributes that define diversity, that can be both real and perceived, is the reason why organizations today need to have a diversity plan in place. “Diversity and equality management concepts have historically been associated with mere legal compliance; the concept has advanced from Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity to assume the view of a competitive resource for organizations above and beyond traditional high performance work systems.” (Richard, 2013)
Therefore, when workplace diversity is clearly defined, it can assist in the buy-in at every level to build…

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