Essay on The Texas Treasures Literature Curriculum Students

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Mary Beth Stevens suggests writing supports reading by asking students to draw upon common knowledge and thinking processes (2014). In the Texas Treasures Literature curriculum students continually respond to text through writing activities. At the end of each section they record their responses by writing a personal response. These responses require critical and higher order thinking skills because students answer open-ended questions and utilize summarization, inference and interpreting meaning skills. This allows students to explore their own thoughts and make connections to the text.
Throughout the curriculum, students work in groups to facilitate learning and understanding of material presented. Often after reading, students are placed in small groups or pairs and create a writing piece to demonstrate learning or connect to the concept presented. For example, students create a commercial in order to practice a persuasive testimonial. Students use tape recorders to add music or record their voices and then plan, practice, and present to classmates. Other activities include think, pair, share in partners. By allowing students to work together, they deepen their understanding and learn to work with others, which is a life skill.
This curriculum incorporates characteristics from the top-down approach in that it has a central driving question for each unit. As mentioned previously, the big question links all of the activities and learning. However, it also provides…

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