The Technology Revolution : Why Artificial Intelligence Will Surpass Human Intelligence

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The Technology Revolution: Why Artificial Intelligence Will Surpass Human Intelligence Technological advancements are nothing new to the twenty-first century. The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is the most innovative accomplishment in modern technology. This intelligence is used in almost every technology sold on the market today, and engineers have only scratched the surface of what machines can do. Allowing these advancements to continue will not only diminish the requirement for human intelligence; it will surpass any need for it altogether. The ancient expression goes, “if you want something done right, do it yourself,” but if a machine could do it twice as fast with double the accuracy then why waste your time? Human intelligence is extremely hard to define. Differentiating what is considered to be intelligent to the human brain is subjective, but the human brain is undoubtedly more versatile. Having capabilities such as, “to reason, ...understand and generate language, perceive and respond to sensory inputs, ... create art and music, and even write histories” (Stone, et al. 13) allows the brain to have a major advantage over artificial intelligence. In contrast, one major breakthrough of AI is that intelligence in machines can be measured. The Turing Test was a landmark for the AI community. This test “hinges on the ability of machines to fool people into thinking that they (the machines) are people” (Marcus, et al. 3). Colloquially, a human asks questions to…

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