Player Piano Kurt Vonnegut Analysis

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Today, in society humans pretend to believe that automation does not have an impact on humanity and humanities success route. They believe that it will somehow destroy all economic jobs. “By 2018, automation is going to be in a full swing in the United States and around the world. There are estimates that it could replace fifty percent of our jobs,” stated by Gray Scott. Scott indicates that, there is a chance that automation could replace fifty percent of our jobs but however, fifty percent of jobs will be created as well. Some may be out of our field, but a person is still capable of learning how to put the skills he or she already has to the upcoming machines. In my eyes, opening up to an unemployment gap is just another outlet for there to be new jobs and new things to do. I think that society should be a little more positive that new jobs are on the uprising, which means less manual labor for us. Society is only concerned with the despising fact that new ways to achieve economical standard is being replace by machines. Without machines today we would not have certain assets for our own daily lives. For example, …show more content…
Vonnegut gave the impression that industrialization was a separation for those who went to school, and the ones who did not. Which is accurate; today’s society you have to be a specialist in engineering, computer science, or even technology to step further into the industrial community. Automation was created to decrease human involvement and manual labor. However, in the article, The Cougar, “That we are currently at 4.9 percent unemployment, and only because machines are not smarter than us.” In a sense that unemployment rate is simply not that bad as of February of 2017. This is giving the insight that machines are not taking our jobs but are just giving us new

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