Essay about The Tale Of Two Heroes

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The Tale of Two Heroes Imagine this, the hero that invented the idea of the Trojan horse, winning the battle for the Greeks and finally ending the Trojan War. It wouldn’t be the end of that for our hero. With the journey home so cruel and long it makes the war beforehand something as an afterthought. It takes years for our hero to get home, surviving things only imagined through in nightmares. Lotus plants that made men crave it, a cyclops that was the terror of men, gods and enchantresses, sirens with their deadly captivating song, and even the underworld would not keep our hero from coming home. This is the brief story of Odysseus, who is one of the most well-known hero of the ancient time. While some heroes go on journeys home, there are those who journey not to find their home, but to become the hero they were meant to be. There are also those which live their lives to fulfill a prophecy. On the other hand there are those who live to defy the gods. As heroes clash with villains, the story of their bravery is passed down through word of mouth and is written going down through generations and generations of story tellers. Every hero has a villain and each story has its parody and although what separates the ancient and modern is time, there are many similarities as well as differences one must look at in order to fully capture the awe inspiring story of their lives. Everyone loves the hero and most stories strive to make the audience root for their well-being and…

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