Essay on The Summer Of My Freshman Year

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It was the summer of my freshman year in highschool. I finally had a good group of friends that I felt comfortable around ,and my father and I had started fishing together again. It was at this time that my father made the best decision of his life a little too late. He quit smoking. A couple days into it he felt like he couldn 't breathe. The doctors thought he had a severe case of pneumonia. They were wrong. Later that month he was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. The day that he was diagnosed was the day where everything started to feel like a dream. Life felt unreal, and then it happened. School was starting back up just like every single september whatever it started back up. With my Dad being in the condition he was in, I felt like it was a waste for me to go to school, but I attended every class because I knew that was what my Dad wanted me to do. I specifically remember one of the days I came home from school and the living room was full of family members that I’ve never met only heard of. Words of regret spewed from their mouths: “I wish I would 've known sooner”, “How did this happen”, “Do you need anything”. After my father being overwhelmed by everyone he asked everyone to get out. Everyone went outside and started smoking. If there is one thing on this earth that disgusts me it 's cigarettes. Everyone continued to smoke every time they came over. It boggles my mind how people can ask “How did this happen” when they are doing the same exact thing that led…

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