Perfect School: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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My life is perfect, I have the perfect family, the perfect friends, and the perfect house. I was thinking to myself. School just started for the day and I was sitting in homeroom. It was a beautiful Thursday morning and I couldn 't wait for the weekend because my family and I always go to the pumpkin patch. The bell rang and the teacher walked in. A couple minutes later the announcements came on the loudspeaker. Blah, blah, blah, I thought to myself. Announcements were so boring, all they said was a bunch of stuff that nobody wanted to hear. Finally, after we sat through seven minutes of announcements. We all stood up and filed out of the classroom. I had Spanish next and after that I had math. I’ve always hated math. Today I especially hate math …show more content…
“I don 't know let 's just focus on getting out of here” my dad replied.
I could tell my parents were scared, and they are never scared. I 'm really hoping that the person the followed my parents and followed us here isn 't hiding in the rows of corn because then we 're doomed. My parents and I couldn 't find our way out, so we decided to split up. I told them that it probably wasn 't the smartest idea to split up in a corn maze but all the wanted to do was get out of there. So my mom was going to go left, my dad was going to go forward, and I was going to go left.
As I was walking to the left I kept feeling like someone was following me, I knew that it was probably just my imagination but I couldn 't stop thinking about it. After walking for about 5 minutes I came to a dead end. As I was turning around I saw a shadow that looked exactly like a person. I was walking back towards the way that I came and turned right. After I turned I felt a shooting pain in the back of my head, and that 's when everything went black…

I heard screams that sounded really familiar, except I couldn 't make out who’s scream it was. I opened my eyes and looked around I was in a corn maze, surrounded by

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