The Sports Of Basketball And Basketball Essay examples

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As people look back on the sport of basketball, multiple people would notice it was once six on six instead of five on five. “Women’s basketball has grown rapidly since the 1970’s. Until then, women and girls had been allowed to play only a six-player game in which offensive and defensive players were rooted to one half of the court” (Basketball). It seems completely bizarre to even think about the game with twelve players on the court rather than ten. An abundant amount of things changed when they transitioned into the new system of basketball. Defense, offense, amount of points scored and the rules within the offense and defense are all things that drastically changed. Transitioning from one way of basketball to the next might be hard if change is difficult for someone. The offense was so different when six on six was still going on. Six on six basketball only had three girls on offense, which were called forwards. Forwards were the only ones allowed to shoot the ball. The three girls that were on offense stayed on offense the whole time. Never did those girls go to the other side of the court. When it came to dribbling the ball, only two dribbles were allowed. After that player took the maximum amount of dribbles, another teammate had to get open for a pass or that player had to shoot the ball. Six on six basketball didn’t have three point shots. Everything was worth two points, no matter where the shot was taken from. Another thing, if the defense rebounded the ball,…

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