The South African Country Niger Essay

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With over 7.6 million km² for a population of only about 22.7 million people (the lowest population density worldwide), the island continent Australia is quite a unique country (Australian Government, n.d.). Even though it counts as an industrial and well developed western country, it encounters many challenges in providing health care for 2.3% of the population due to it´s geography. These little over 500.000 people have settled in Australia’s rural areas, hundreds of kilometers away from the well developed metropolitan areas (Baxter, Hayes, & Gray, 2011). Looking especially at nursing, providing good care for those people is often difficult and only possible to a certain extend. However, compared to a developing country with similar challenges of a widespread population and great distances like the West African country Niger (one of the poorest countries in the world), we can see in which amazing ways health care is handled in Australia due to modern technology and available funds (Burki & Talha Khan, 2013). The advantages become obvious by taking a closer look at the major challenges like distances, equipment, health issues and education in Australia compared to the developing country of Niger.
Having to overcome great distances almost always poses a huge problem to the provision of good health care, no matter if a country is developed or not, as so many problems like delayed health care and prevention due to difficult accessibility result from it. However, when the…

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