Essay on The Skills I Have A Good Crisis Intervention Worker

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The skills I have
The skills that, I have that would make me a good crisis intervention worker is that I am a good listener. I feel I can listen to people to help them out and, help them for fill their needs. I feel I could be someone like a 911 operator. In the past people that have been hysterical, I have been able to get them to calm down. For example some of people that I have helped, had been in car accidents, and house hold fires. I have also helped people in times of need where they had thought about suicide or great harm to others. I have seen people really up set or depressed, and have all ways found away to help them.
I have compassion and empathy and a very good understanding of people from all walks of life.
Race and peoples religion does not even bother me or hinders my personal views to help others.
I know I can excel at this, and this a good skill to have in this field. I fell people to opinionated or to judgmental and have to many stipulations, or no empathy or in the wrong line work.
I believe to be a good crisis intervention worker, I must have a good attitude and the desire to help others. Further more to have compassion and understanding of peoples need in their time of help can and, will make me a good crisis intervention worker." The counselor must maintain a clam, reassuring demeanor to mange the wave of emotions expressed by the victim.”
( Cavaiola, Colford, 2011,p. 8).
How I see myself helping Children that are being abuse or hurt with in the…

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