The Roles Of The Legislative Branch Of Government Essays

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Project 2

Compare and Contrast the roles of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches with regards to immigration:

They are different branches that institute a relationship that exist between government. Branches such as, legislative, executive and judicial. These branches provide powers in their way that sustains the meaning of government. Without such power the formation of the government on a whole would be incomplete. Each of the branches have fair share of responsibilities and plays a specific role in order to ensure some stability within the governmental system. In this project the focus will be on the roles branches have in regards to Immigration. Therefore to understand the branches we must identify the functions and responsibilities of each. In comparison with the branches, the legislative branch of government is responsible for making state laws and fitting the money necessary for the government to operate. Meanwhile, the executive branch is responsible for implementing and administering policy for the public, which therefore is funded by the legislative branch. Unlike the legislative and the executive, the judicial branch is responsible for interpreting the constitution by applying the interpretation to the controversies that are brought forth. Moreover, the most important controversies that separate the United States today is the dealing of immigration and the power shared between the three branches of government such as, legislative, executive and…

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