The Role Of Health Pharmacists

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The existence of the pharmacists is to serve the society. As we know, the pharmacist is the most important profession in the health team care. The pharmacist is the only expert on drugs.
Over the past 40 years, the pharmacist 's role has changed from compounding and dispensing medicines to one of "Drug Therapy Manager". The pharmacy profession developed nowadays and moved towards a patient-centered practice. This profession toward patient called pharmaceutical care. It represents a major transformation in the pharmacist 's responsibilities. It is a paradigmatic change in the pharmacist 's role and it redefines the identity of the pharmacist as one of the most health
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Also from the important roles of the pharmacist as one of health care providers, he can educate his other topics, such as tobacco cessation, self-medications, and healthy nutrition. Pharmacists can spread awareness campaigns from a specific medicine that has bad effects. The pharmacist must give the patient enough information about the medicine from side effects, dose, and route of administration. The pharmacist should educate children at an early age, by spreading school health programs to help children to have a good background about medications and health by that way this knowledge continue with them to adulthood. Pharmacists by their knowledge can promote society 's use of medications. Also by their experience, they can educate community leaders about medications and health. By that way, they can participate in public health …show more content…
In order to know the condition of the patient suitably, the pharmacist must ask the patient some key questions and pass on relevant information to him or her (e.g. how to take the medicine). The pharmacist must provide the patient with enough information about the medicine. The pharmacist must able to give him additional sources of information to satisfy the patient 's needs. The pharmacist should give the patient medical advice and help the patient for

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