The Role Of Employee Customer Helps Increase The Sales Of Any Business

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Customer Care is considered as one of the most important aspects in the business world. The relationship between Employee-Customer helps increase the sales of any business. In this competitive world, one of the most important factors for a business to be successful is to customer satisfaction. Therefore, every business firm comes out with different techniques to attract customers. During this process, some techniques wok out while some techniques fail to fascinate. Disney has always been customer’s favorite. Everyone who visits Disney has always been satisfied by the customer service provided by the company. Because of the positive customer satisfaction, Disney has always been able to achieve its goals. It won’t be fallacious to say business’s success is directly related and depends on upon customer satisfaction. Why is Disney people’s favorite place to visits? How Disney is successful than other business? These are some of the questions that always arise when we talk about Disney. And there is always one answer for those questions and that is “customer satisfaction.” It is believed that Disney has 70% return rate of first-time visitors (Ciotti). This rate includes people of all age. This high rate is impressive in this down economy period where people are saving money rather than going out and spending. In Disney, there is all sort of activities for entertainment. But, activities are not the only reason people visit Disney. One of the key techniques Disney came out to…

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