Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet-Personal Narrative

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Kneeling over top of her in that pure white dress trying to find the words I need to say

was difficult. I had tears in my eyes and my heart felt like it was about to beat right out of my

chest. My whole body wash shaking, and it felt as though I was going to vibrate right though the

floor. All eyes are on me as I am in a trance like state not being able to look away from my

hands. That night looking down at my blood soaked hands would change the way I looked at

myself for the rest of my life.

Romeo and Juliet the first dramatic play I have ever been cast in. My role is Capulet, the

father of Juliet and head of the house hold. The first time I was told that this was the role I was

cast in I was shocked. I am traditionally a Comedian
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The fact that I knew that only made me

even angrier, and when I went on stage I snapped. As an actor you usually have to be thinking of

four or five things at once like, am I standing in my light, what is my next line, when do I need to

move, do I have my props I’m supposed to, and so on. However when I walked on stage and the

scene got emotional, all other thoughts left my mind except pure anger and rage. I poured

everything that I was feeling into this monologue and onto the actress playing Juliet. At the end

of the scene when I walked off I had to be by myself because I was still angry and wasn’t sure

how to turn it off. After a few minutes I talked myself down to where I could actually think about

what just happen. I had never let go like that at all let alone on someone else, and to be honest it

felt amazing, so much so that I knew I could replicate it. That night I was commended on my

performance, and my director told me “don’t you change a thing in Act 3 Scene 5.” Little did I

know there was an emotional roller-coaster ahead of me by simply adding one element. The


Act 5, Scene 3 the last scene of the play opening night. I have already nailed Act 3,
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So much so that the audience gasped when I started. It confirmed everything I had been

working so hard to see in that scene. So far with rehearsals we haven’t had the resources to use

the blood so opening night would be the first night to see it. Romeo and Juliet have sacrificed

themselves for love already and I am about to go on. In the pitch black off stage I dip the palms

of my hands into what I know is the blood although I haven’t seen it yet. I enter the scene where

I see Juliet laying there and I place my hands on her and then bring them up and I see them for

the first time. My hands were almost glowing with the deep crimson color they were covered in.

At that exact moment something happen that I am still struggling to explain. It’s like my whole

life I was just having illusions of emotions and they were never real, because in this moment I

could no longer control myself. The tears entered my eyes and didn’t stop coming. I felt more

connected with myself in that moment than ever before. I struggled to even remember my lines

and what to do because I was so overwhelmed by the amount of emotions that I was overcome

with. My hands were shaking so bad I was sure everyone could hear my bones rattling. I was

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