Romeo And Juliet Presentation Essay

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As Romeo made eye contact with Juliet he thought he was in love and that they had to see eachother but what he doesn't know is that Juliet was looking past Romeo into Benvolio's dark brown eyes wishing they were together. As the party goes on Romeo and Juliet talk and
Romeo pressures Juliet to kiss him but she knows in her heart that Benvolio is the man for her and that she had to see him. When Romeo watches her he asks Benvolio to go up to the balcony first and tell Juliet that her Romeo has come. When Benvolio reaches the top of the balcony he decides to kiss Juliet and When Romeo sees them Kissing he is crushed and throws himself of of the balcony.
[ Juliet enters the ball and stands by a flower pot ]
Juliet: These flowers are just exquisite and need to shield me from all these horrid men who
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[ Romeo and Benvolio enter the ball Benvolio makes eye contact with Juliet and they know that they were made for each other ]
Romeo: She is as gorgeous as the flowers she stands by and why look at me when she can have any guy in this room.
Juliet: Any woman with that man would be the luckiest girl in the entire world.
Romeo: You are a very gorgeous woman Ms. and you make my heart sing with glee when I looked at you from across the ballroom floor.
Juliet: who may you be and the man you came with?
Romeo: I am Romeo of the Montague household and fine young man with me is my dear cousin
[ Waves Benvolio over to where they are standing ]
Benvolio: Yes cousin?
Romeo: I would like you to meet Ms… uhh what's your name Miss?
Juliet: I am Juliet of the Capulet household
Romeo: well Juliet you are the jewel of the ball and the diamond in your eye and it would be an honor if you could dance with me.
Juliet: well if you insist.
Romeo: why are you so hesitant?
Juliet: I have many thought going through my mind.
Romeo: well I think I can make your mind go blank by sweeping you of your feet with my great

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