Theme Of Rebellion In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is an amazing tragedy that depicts two families who have been feuding for a long time. William Shakespeare, a legendary playwright who blew away the drama world when he came out with this play in 1595. Many people were addicted to the story, and Shakespeare’s expertise in writing. Shakespeare also comes up with his own form of writing called Shakespearean sonnet. It not only has a gripping plot, but also portrays many themes of importance. One of them being the act of rebelling. In this play many characters rebel against their peers, social norms and many other things. Characters like Romeo, Juliet, and Tybalt try to rebel against their families, and pay the ultimate price of death. The way Romeo and Juliet act during the …show more content…
Characters like Tybalt, Paris, and even Romeo all end up paying the price for acting out of hate. Tybalt being one of these people. Tybalt was a loose cannon who had a deep hate for Romeo because he was an enemy who loved Juliet. Because of this Tybalt was looking to challenge him to a fight to the death.. Unfortunately for Romeo he happened to encounter Tybalt in the streets of Verona, where Tybalt was insulting Romeo to no end to fight him. Romeo however, still would not accept so Mercutio stepped in to fight. First it was good fun but the end of the pitched battle Mercutio ends up dying. Romeo realizing his dear friend’s dark reality he exacts his retribution in full force by slaughtering Tybalt out of hate (Nevo 3). After Tybalt’s death Capulet finds it necessary to marry Paris because Juliet is seemingly grieving too much about Tybalt’s death. It’s ironic that Romeo tries to rebel against Tybalt but only digs him a deeper hole in his scheme to elope with Juliet. Later in the book Romeo is going to the grave of Juliet to kill himself and be with Juliet in the afterlife. However before Romeo is able to make it into the tomb Paris sees Romeo. Paris’s hatred sparks and challenges Romeo to fight. In the end Romeo kills Paris because of the blind hatred of Paris that overcame him (5. 3. 66-81). In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare really shows that hatred will bring no good to anybody who exercise hate will die. Although Hate is a great theme, one that rises above the others is destiny because it shows how costly rebelling against destiny can

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