The Road Trip Of Chester County And Snaking Its Way Through The Continental Us

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Road Trips
Starting in Chester County and snaking its way through the continental US, our family van would make frequent stops at gas stations with odd exteriors and restaurants that claimed to have the largest steak in Texas. We’re natural tourists. All things campy, tacky, and over priced, our family has picked up as souvenirs. Acleptic items were always the first to come out of the suitcase raving home. Singing santas, seashells with googly eyes pasted on, anything and everything my grandmother would threaten to throw away upon seeing it. I took up my mother’s habits of nervously hoarded emergency band-AIDS, and those that read California in a curly font, were all the more appealing to me.
On top of this, I don’t believe in hotels, but rather motels. I learned this from my father, as he would book us at the Red Roof Inn, a testament to our frugality. The room was clean, and that was all we ever really asked of them. I would sit in front of the T.V, watching Kojack park in just the right spot, and my mom would perch herself on the edge of the bed and would comb my hair, rhythmically yanking the knots out. She would sing “Marie, Mary, Marianne, Margie, you have to put conditioner in your hair. That’s what’ll loosen the knots.”
The next day I’d wake up early so we could visit the pool one more time. My dad would leave out my swim cap when packing the night before, and I would wake up and pull on my blue Jansport, turn on the coffee pot and let the plastic cap sit in my lap…

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