The Research Of Sleep Disturbances And How It Links Or Associated With Depression And Stress

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The disease known as depression is affecting up to 16% of students in college institutions (Aselton, 2012). The purpose of the paper would be to identify the reason why this disease crops up, as well find the various coping methods that may be used by those affected by it. The percentage between men and women are apart by 7, women being more prone to depression (Genuchi, 2015). The abuse of substances such as alcohol is also prevalent amongst those who are clinically depressed, specifically men. Genuchi’s essay had discussed on men’s alcohol abuse and how it may increase aggression amongst the male students. The research of sleep disturbances and how it links or associated with depression and stress was also discussed (Nyer, 2013). Those who have been treated for stress, rather than receiving help and learning a variety of coping mechanisms, are under more stress that is continuously increasing due to a larger number of sources or influences (Aselton, 2012). Aselton describes nonmedical coping methods proving to be much better and a more effective “treatment” than the medication therapy route that some may take.

I decided to explore this topic to inform myself in a more in-depth manner of depression, rather than an overview reading of the diseases. I will also be able to learn how to avoid depression in college, or if it were to ever happen then I will be able to know how to cope with or make some of the triggers less traumatic. This information may also help me…

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