College Student Alcohol

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For example, in the article: “Alcohol Consumption and Academic Retention in First-Year College Students,” Gary Liguori and Barb Lonbaken say that “Much has been written about the educational difficulties and academic consequences associated with alcohol use, including missing a class and getting behind in school work… performing poorly on a test or project… and experiencing a lower grade point average” (70). Apart from being academic success an important concern when talking about alcohol consumption, there are also other factors that hinder due to excessive alcohol consumption such as health.
Alcohol delusively damages consumers’ health, not taking into account if the user is a students, youth, or adult; unfortunately, students react carelessly
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On the other hand, it has also been expressed that a permissive parenting style enormously contributes to the college alcohol-drinking problem, and that the absences of a parental figure while students transition to college, also contributes to the misuse of the free will and college students tend to fall into debauchery. It is equally important to understand that peer drinking is a commonly used term to describe how and with whom a college student drinks immeasurably. In contrast, a college student could be drinking to satisfy a need such as acceptance, or to be helped him or herself go through an emotional feeling issue such as low-esteem or depression. To say the least, binge drinking might not only affect college students’ grades or harm their health, but also it might be a response to the disadvantaged college success itself, or a wakeup call to parents to pay more attention to their young adults’ behaviors. Consequently, due to excessive alcohol consumption, the result in most of the cases will be disreputable academic performance such as low grade point average or poor performance in scholarly activities. Not only that, but also college students’ health will be hindered. Finally, it seems that the most socially alarming consequence to the alcohol-drinking problem is the decrease in college students’ grades. However, in addition to the college student’s grades, health should go hand in hand with college students' grades as college grades can be increased, but a life can never be replaced with any letter

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