The Relationship Between Social Engagement And Customer Profitability

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According to (J Klier, M Klier, G Lindner, 2016) paper aim is to investigate the relationship between social engagement and customer profitability in the online customer network. Customer’s financial data is retrieved from The German direct banking institution online network for evaluation purpose. Data is collected in two parts 1) Customers revenues 2) Customer’s social group observation from June 2014- October 2015.To analysis the data of customer’s revenues total profit of financial product is examined during observation period. To observe customer’s social group data is collected from user’s membership, number of posts, and duration of membership and discussion group. After carefully observation of both types of data users (89 users) have higher social engagement in compare with non-buyer’s (1994 users). In term of social engagement characterization buyers have higher number of group membership as compare to non-buyers.
Limitations: -
1) Data collection was limited to one financial product within one company only.
2) Data evaluation was based on limited discussion group only.
Author suggested future research should include multiple companies and their multiple financial policies. Data evaluation can be expanded to private message received and other closed group messages retrieval along with demographics information (sex, age, living etc.) for prescribe results of social engagement in online customer network.

According to (Mingli Zang, Lingyun Guo, Mu Hu and Wenhua…

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