Relationship Between Brand Personality And Brand Loyalty

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Intense competitive among private and governmental banks in attracting and saving customers, pays attention to banding in meaning of services. This research was done in order of presentation of customer loyalty model base on brand. The positive and significant relationship between trustworthiness and Credibility of brand shows that reliable names grow their Credibility in customer comment. 1. The brand Manager must make promotional strategies like media, advertising and political programs that show a correct combination of perception and image of bank services in which they are resulted to grow the brand. In addition, due to brand confidence, lacks of credibility of companies will be balanced (Alam et al., 2012 and Sweeny & Swiat, 2008).
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In this case, Brand Experience of Bank has the ability to create and improve the Brand Personality. In addition, there is a positive relationship between Brand Personality and Satisfaction, but Brand Personality cannot bring customer Loyalty. Generally, we should mention that organizations need to create Brand Personality (Although it is a long-term process) and they should make a connection between their Brand and customer’s life. 9. It is recommended that banks create an unique identity by recognizing and implementing their customer features for the brand to provide desirable results in Attitudinal and Behavioral Loyalty related to Brand. 10. In order to create and improve a brand Personality, the Marketing Strategies must be based on all customer wants not just our …show more content…
According to Keisidou et al., (2013) states that brand managers must place their own customers’ Satisfaction as the most powerful and predictable way to reach the Loyalty of their customers. 11. We can do this by finding customers’ opinion about services and present services and products and deliver them to the customers by their desirable way.
Limitation. This study focused on Banking as a brand. Defiantly some respondents deal with several banks. It is possible that customers’ disability in reminding the previous Brand Experiences can affect the results of the study. In addition, this study does not investigate individual Factors, Seeking, Brand Involvement, Brand Associate, and Impulsive Behavior in creating Brand Experience. Further studies are required to discover those relations.
Offer suggestions for future research. Future research should be done with the interference of different brands. In addition, by considering the internet as a distribution channel, studies can test this model. Future research can test this model in different

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