The Influence Of Customer Loyalty And Marketing Strategy

Influence of Customer Loyalty to Marketing Strategy

When there is a business, there is a customer. To keep it running, there must be a healthy relationship between the business and its customers. Customer is the one that gives life to a business and they are the one who will determine every business’ success. As time pass by, many businesses have arisen either big or small in response to the changing needs and demands of customer. Population growth are increasing and calls for additional number of products and services to be produced and offered. Different methods of selling have risen and different system of purchasing has been introduced in the market. It is now a challenge to every businesses how to attract customer and foster trust that
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This essay will give a better picture to how the customer loyalty affects the business marketing strategy. It will tell the level of influence of relationship of customer purchase to revenue of a business. There will be a discussion about the advantage of customer loyalty and repeat purchase. And lastly how to gain the trust and loyalty of a customer for a longer period of time. The elaboration of these topics will be presented in the later part of this …show more content…
Most of the time we linked this behaviour to repeat purchase. But in reality, it is not only the case. Though it is accurate that the customer loyalty results to a repeat purchase which is good to the business but is also more benefits that can give to the business. Loyalty of the customer results from a satisfaction, superior effects of product to customer lifestyle and exceeding customer expectation. Customer has a greater effect in the promotion of a product. Loyal customer is an asset to the company. This is because they have a big influence in business marketing in a sense of that they can testify about the quality of the product as per based on their own experience, a convincing recommendation that has the highest possibility of influencing other people to buy and experience the product, easily justify the product price in correspondence to its value, being a product advocate by becoming a loyal user and promoter, and of course direct referrals and source of positive feedback. It is not only that the business makes a lot of money from the loyal customer through their purchases and the new recorded purchase from their friends, colleagues and family but also it greatly helps in its main operation that has been usually allotted a huge amount of budget and that is advertisement and customer service. The business saves a lot of money from advertisement through the actions made by the loyal customer especially the degree of influence of

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