Advance Telecom Case Study

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Name of Business: Advance Telecom
Industry: Electronics (Smart phones)
Customer satisfaction can be defined as the level and degree of satisfaction that is provided by the company’s products or services to a customer and is measured by numbers of repeat customers. Customer satisfaction is a marketing term that represents the measure of how the needs and responses are worked together and conveyed to exceed expectations customer desire. Customer satisfaction is a theoretical idea and includes such factors as the quality of the product, the quality of the service, the environment of the area where the product or service is purchased, and the price of the product or service.
Customer satisfaction is very important for the success of business of
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Customer satisfaction level will help the management of Advance Telecom to make different changes in different type of business activities such as change in marketing plans, change in price of products etc. Good customer satisfaction will help the Advance Telecom to compete effectively with the competitors. Customer satisfaction will also increase the lifetime value of the customers of Advance Telecom. It can help the Advance Telecom to improve the products offered by the Advance Telecom. Furthermore it can also help the Advance Telecom to customer retention and customer …show more content…
It is true that customer expectation play very important role toward the success of any business. Customer’s expectation can help the Advance Telecom to bring changes in qualities of their product. Furthermore it can also help the company to how the demands of customers are changing with the passage of time, how Advance Telecom can meet those changing needs and demands and what are the hurdles in fulfilling the needs of the customers. So customer’s expectation can give particular targets and particular methods to improve the overall sale and profit margin of Advance Telecom and can ensure the successes for Advance Telecom in future.
Involvement and engagement of employees of different level is one of the important steps for increasing the satisfaction level of the customer. This type of involvement can make the products and services of Advance Telecom more useful, attractive, fast and valuable for al type of customers thus will help the Advance Telecom to improve the customer satisfaction. This will also help in development of customer loyalty because when customers will be satisfied then they will like to repurchase the products of Advance Telecom in future too and thus more and more customers will be back at Advance

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