Why Don T Fail You Dont Learn

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I believe this is a very powerful quote related to failure. The first part, “failures are a part of life”, resonates with me a great deal because it took me a long time to realize this. I am not the most courageous at times when it comes to taking risks, because I have feared failure in my life. However, as I have gotten older, I have been able to accept my failures more willingly and use them to my advantage. This ties me into the next part of the quote, “If you don’t fail, you don’t learn”. When I look back on all the times I have failed, even though it may have been embarrassing or painful at the time, 9/10 times it was for the better and furthered my learning. For example, I am currently in a math course and math is not my strong suit (to put it lightly); but in math the best way to learn I have found is through your …show more content…
When my friends and I are doing our homework, often I don’t fully understand how to do the equation until I have made some mistakes. As I try to work through the problem, if I make a mistake and am then able to work through where I went wrong, it helps me to understand the equation better. The problem also then sticks in my memory and leads me to remember the steps I took to resolve it, helping me to answer problems more efficiently in the future. This is just a simple example of trial and error for me, as failure has also happened to me more significantly, and brought me to learn just like I did with the math problem. This leads into the last part of the quote, “if you never learn, you never change.” When I was younger, I can remember a couple of conflicts I experienced with friends where we both did not handle it well. As I got older, those experiences helped me to handle situations better and now I cannot remember the last time I had a significant conflict with a friend where we were not able to work it out. I know I will still come across more conflict as it is a part of life, but it’s helpful knowing I am able to

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