The Quality Of High School Education Essay

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The necessary methods to determine the quality of high school education must be both reliable and valid in order to achieve trustworthy results. However, achieving such results requires carefully selected parameters and methods. A researcher suggests six different indicators to measure the quality of high school education in Illinois. Before analyzing the researcher’s results, the experiment’s design must be scrutinized so the results are credible.
Before analyzing the researcher’s chosen indicators, the experiment’s parameters—as in what is meant by the central concept of “quality” education—reliability, and validity must be defined. Since the researcher did not provide a specific hypothesis for this experiment, I am going to outline the experiment parameter for the researcher. As such, the indicators must demonstrate the high schools’ four-year graduation rate and the percentage of students who move onward to some form of higher education in order to be effective. With these parameters set, it is necessary to define both reliability and validity. Reliability as a measurement refers to the degree of continuity within a measurement. Validity as a measurement refers to how well the chosen indicator measures what it was designated to measure. More so, in this experiment, the indicators must demonstrate the school’s graduation rate and higher education matriculation rate.
The researcher suggests analyzing expenditures per pupil. The expenditure per pupil strongly…

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