The Pros And Cons Of Spanking

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Parents today use many different types of discipline to help teach their children the difference between right and wrong. The most common type of discipline parent’s use is spanking their child. Spanking is just one of many forms of discipline that has been used by parents, but it is now becoming the most frowned upon by many people. People believe that it is a form of abuse or that it often not only hurts the child physically but mentally. In the majority of families today spanking is used more prevalently in households along with other forms of discipline. The question asked by most is what are the affects of spanking and is it a good form or discipline or is it abuse?
Spanking has been used as a method of discipline for children's behaviors for a long time. Many opinions still lean toward spanking being a form of abuse. Some feel that it not only hurts the child physically but can hurt them mentally as well. Spanking could have many long-term affects that may lead the child to misbehave, participate in violent behavior, or in some cases fall into depression. Research recently has shown that corporal punishment is related to higher levels
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Dealing with the daily debate on spanking a child, whether you believe in it or not can affect the everyday lives of the family or each individual within the family as expressed throughout the prior examples. Pros and cons to spanking have been described through current research and personal experiences. In conclusion, looking back on my experiences spanking occurred very little in my family, but when we did get spanked it was for the right reasons. Experiences that parents have from spanking their child and be good or bad. Those factors can be a factor in ones beliefs as to whether it is good or bad to discipline a child. Whether the reasons behind getting spankings were good or bad they helped mold me into the person I am

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