The Importance Of Research-Based Presentation In The Workplace

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There are several factors one should and should not follow in a research-based presentation in the workforce. First of all, since such presentations are based solely on research, one should assume that the topic is not a common one. For that reason, the presenter should use key phrases about the topic at hand, because it will be easier for the employees to read. The presenter can also take time to explain each phrase thoroughly, which will not cause the presentation to be drawn out. In an article online, it is stated that one should use a maximum of three bullet points on each slide. The surrounding space will make it easier to read the content. Additionally, the space without the words can also serve as visual aid, which tends to help the …show more content…
By having others question what one has presented, it helps clarify certain points to the other employees, and it makes sure the researcher has a thorough understanding of the topic he/she had prepared. For instance, one should have overall knowledge of what were the findings, suggestions and results. In our class presentation, we were already aware of the audience so we had the idea of who stands where and how much knowledge each of the member must have about the conflict. Therefore, the researcher should prepare him/herself accordingly in case any unexpected questions were to arise. It also affects the presenter negatively, because it shows a lack of preparation. Furthermore, during a Q&A session, it would be greatly helpful to be precise and clear on what is said. When the presenter has in mind that he/she will be having a Q&A session at one point in the presentation, he/she would try harder to gain knowledge of the information he/she is trying to find. That would lead him/her to find several sources, which strengthens and solidifies the researched topic. Basically, having a Q&A segment ensures that the person lecturing has reached a level of expertise on the topic at hand. There were several instances where I found such a segment to be helpful to prepare for. Personally, when I presented a topic as an assignment, I failed to give answers to the questions the audience had because I was more nervous and less prepared for the first presentation. Most of the students did a well job in answering the questions while some struggled. Moreover, some students were able to answer the questions, but with the wrong terminology. That can negatively impact a workplace because it might provide the wrong information about a certain subject. On another note, allowing colleagues to ask questions leaves room for a risk

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