The Importance Of Gun Control Laws

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Gun violence exists in the US and everywhere throughout the world. In the US we need gun control laws which consist of the government restricting the ability of citizens to purchase weapons. We need this law in our country due to the fact that there has been many shootings that have caused many deaths. Gun Control Laws can help our country and our world become safer.
The first step in becoming a safe country is to start doing thorough background checks to the person who is purchasing the weapon. This is so the seller can be aware that the customer won't do any harm to our country. A purchaser shouldn't buy a weapon to harm others they should buy weapons to either protect their homes or to hunt.
Gun violence had caused many problems in this country there have been many shootings. This includes school shootings. Many people had lost their lives even the young ones because of shootings in their area. On February 2018 seventeen people were killed by Nikolas Cruz 19, in a high school shooting in Parkland, Florida which included fourteen children and three adults (Levenson and Sterling). Cruz not only owned an AR-15 he owned many other guns too. Cruz also has mental issues and behavioral problems which shows that he didn't have a background check or a thorough background check. According to Gold and Simon
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So our country could be safe and decrease in gun death. What can also end up happening is that they will change the age for a person to be able to buy a gun at the age of twenty-one instead of eighteen. And when a person goes buy a firearm they will have a thorough background check before the seller hands them their new firearm. This whole process of the background check will go into depth of the person they will make sure the person doesn't have any sort of criminal records or mental illness. They will make sure the person can be trusted with a firearm and will use it for their own

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