The Product Of Frito Lay Company Essay

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Product: Frito-Lay Company is constantly expending its range of chips. When choosing a taste it primarily considers consumer preferences. The company also addresses to the young audience and positions Lays as the best means to stave off hunger. Lays successfully experimenting and offering its consumers all kinds of flavors - from a classic taste to pickled cucumbers and the new Maple Moose.
Product concept
- Core – snacks to stave off hunger
- Actual – good quality potato chips, at an affordable price
- Augmented – after-service and product support by answering consumers questions through costumer support phone line, online chat service, and mailing address
Brand – the company Frito-Lay is considering a product capable of delivering fun and excitement that everyone can enjoy. Therefore, the creators of the brand do not insist on it too seriously and see to transform the perception of consumption of chips in a light ironic game
Labeling – the original package of Lays has mix of the bright colors: yellow and red, that makes it more attractive for consumers
Packaging – 28g, 85g, and 165g

Price: The pricing policy of the company “Frito Lay” ensures the survival of the product on the market with a high level of competition, but at the same time aiming to maximize its current profits. Lays is the undoubted market leader in snacks products and its market share is 60%. Lays is one of the most recognizable brands of the chips market and proved its excellent quality to the…

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