The Problem Of Stricter Gun Control Essay

1229 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
A bang. A scream. A shout. In an instant, bodies scatter across the bloodstained tile floor. Distant, muted cries echo and bounce off the rigid walls as gunshots pierce the thick air. One more shot, a heavy thud, and it’s over – it’s done. Disaster strikes yet again; loved ones mourn over their lost ones. Sadly, this situation exists not as a gruesome horror story, but as a brutal reality. In the last few years, the United States’ attention has turned to mass shootings, indicating the necessity for stricter gun control. The nation should look to other industrialized countries to implement stringent gun laws in order to reduce gun violence, specifically mass shootings. The Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy seared into my mind, lingering like a third-degree burn. Although some details have fogged and blurred, I remember every aspect of it. In December of 2012, I was in the seventh grade, a year originally characterized by blind, untainted innocence. I remember getting ready for school and dressing warmly for the brisk winter morning, but little did I know no amount of layering would save me from the vehement chill which would later descend upon me. When my teacher informed us of the shooting, my throat closed and my limbs turned numb. I began to imagine myself in shooting scenarios – would I have fled in hopes of saving myself, or would I have bravely attempted to protect my peers? That, in itself, represents the problem. In no circumstance should a seventh grade student…

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