The Positive Reinforcement Of Michael Responds Essay

1256 Words Jan 23rd, 2016 null Page
Michael responds well to the PBIS (Positive Behavioral Support and Interventions) plan. Within the plan the positive reinforcement that Michael responds well to are video game time with friends, tangible rewards and praise. Michael enjoys playful dialogue with teachers and this lighthearted interaction can help divert him into a positive mood.
Michael displays different social reactions in the classroom on a daily basis. At times, he will interact with peers and participate in groups, but at other times Michael will not want to interact with other students and stay silent in group activities. He does not have an inside voice when the classroom is quiet. He will often talk very loudly especially when he wants to voice his opinion out of turn. Michael will call out during class and interrupt the teacher. The calling out has improved since the beginning of the year and he is still working on this daily. Michael does not always pick up on social cues in the classroom and does not respond well to redirection from other students. (If a student tells him to stop tapping, he will continue to do so until it further upsets others). Mickey will argue with adults when he believes he is not in the wrong and has a hard time letting go of past situations. Mickey can also struggle to understand nonverbal cues. (If the teacher does the sign for quiet, Mickey will blurt out “So you want me to be quiet? OK!”) Other days he will understand the nonverbal cues. This behavior will be…

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