The Importance Of Legalizing Marijuana

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Introduction The legalization, de-criminalization, and approval of marijuana is a highly debated topic in American legislature today. The approval of marijuana by legislature would be beneficial to many people directly and indirectly. Directly, people with medicinal needs, would benefit tremendously. Indirectly, if the government cut funding towards marijuana prohibition, and taxing the sale of it would make a large impact in the economy. The purpose of this letter is to explain why legislature should pass laws to approve legalized marijuana. Marijuana is the third highest used drug in America today, only behind alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana is classified as a controlled substance by law. Other controlled substances on the same list …show more content…
Just like the alcohol prohibition, the marijuana trade thrives on the black market. Violent criminals control black market sales of marijuana. Theoretically, if marijuana were legal, it would be sold at a lower price. A lower price would decrease the amount of crimes like theft and burglary to pay for marijuana. Legalizing marijuana could possibly lower crime rates of violence caused by drug related feuds. The implications of legalizing marijuana would save the government an estimated $13.7 billion dollars if it were legalized. If the legislature voted to legalize marijuana, that large amount of money could be used to help many different people and organizations. On a larger scale, saving the government an estimated $20 billion dollars would make a dent in the nations debt.
If the legislature would support the legalization of marijuana, it could be distributed and taxed like alcohol or cigarettes. Recreational use of marijuana with a set tax would help create revenue for increased government expenditures. That money could be used to fund schools, parks, soup kitchens, and anything else that could make a difference in someone’s life. If marijuana users had a legal market to buy drugs it could help turn around the national unemployment rate. Hypothetically, every marijuana dispensary would need to employ people to grow the product, and distribute
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Opposition, to legalizing marijuana, brings up the possibility of increased consumption. If marijuana is legalized, it will be more accessible and, in turn, bring a different attitude towards marijuana users.
Although, there are many positive implications of medicinal marijuana, there are some negative implications as well. Like most controlled substances, marijuana is highly addictive and can lead to dependency problems. If abused, marijuana can negatively affect health, brain function, and memory. But, unlike most controlled substances, marijuana legalization would benefit people who do not abuse it.
Marijuana has always been labeled as a gateway drug. A gateway drug is a softer drug that is less harmful and less addictive then most street drugs. A gateway drug acts as a stepping-stone to bring users closer to harder drugs like cocaine and heroin. Legalizing marijuana opens the door for people wanting a more euphoric high and trying harder drugs with more serious side effects.

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