Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana Essay

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Twenty-six out of fifty states have legalized marijuana in some way, either medical or recreational. It can come in many different forms such as a joint, in a bong, or even put in food. The movement has gathered a massive amount of attention by both people for and against it. Not only does it alter your perception it has an addictive nature, it is also known to be a gateway drug. Marijuana also has many different names, for example, it is referred to as pot, Mary Jane, ganja, and weed. The legalization of recreational marijuana could have harmful effects on the communities that we live in, but could also be beneficial, because it could boost the country’s revenue. Marijuana is the most used illegal drug in the United States. Marijuana is …show more content…
In most states, medical marijuana is legal with some exceptions and sometimes people do not meet those exceptions and do not receive the healing benefits that it can hold. Another reason one might be in favor of this is because it could boost our country’s revenue. With the amount of people who smoke the substance the country’s revenue would definitely increase. In addition, it could help our judicial system focus on more violent crimes than drug related crimes. One study estimated that on average our government spends 8.7 billion dollars on people in jail due to marijuana usage. It also would allow for more space in our …show more content…
If forty-three percent of Americans have tried the drug while it is illegal, how many do you think would do it if it was made legal? Also, children growing up in an environment where drugs are made to be a common thing are not growing up how a normal child should. The future of America, our children should not be growing up in a country where drugs are legal and easily accessible. It is a substance that alters your perceptions which could affect the lives of many people if that person decides to drive because their senses are severely slowed

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