Reasons Why Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized

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Marijuana is illegal in the state of Florida and has been over decades. Citizens are trying to legalize Marijuana because, we feel that it does not harm any human physically and mentally. Also, Marijuana has varieties of names: weed, pot, trees and grass. Some people supports legalizing marijuana for medicinal benefits, not dangerous as other drugs, and people should be able to do if they want. Others feels as it is a addictive drug, bad for young adults, and bad for society and individuals.
Marijuana causes good benefits like treating your glaucoma by decreasing lost of vision; improve lung health by having no chemicals of therapeutic; helps people who diagnosis with something or very sick and changes your body languages, attitude, and energy. Physically marijuana can be used as a pain killer for
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Also, citizens should have the right whether they want to smoke marijuana or not, a freedom will to do so and legalizing Marijuana would cut down on expensive. It also could reduce young adults from going to jail and making it seem like the person have an drug addiction. I feel as Marijuana is good for me because I am so used to the feeling able to do my work and focus on everything hands on. Not being sloppy, looking tired everyday and be energized for work. Also, I can enjoy life without being harmed of smoking Marijuana. No chemicals and no unhealthy lungs. It makes you feel so good like all negative things are gone and positivity is heading your way in life. Friends having a better relationship, good memories, and nothing but laughing at each other doing goofy things. Overall, I don’t think Marijuana can harm others at all -- Mostly, good benefits and could everyone in need or people who just wants to feel good about whatever they want to feel good about whether it is life, vacation, or in

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