Why Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized?

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Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized
Why should Americans fight to legalize marijuana in all states? Marijuana has been around for many years alongside other illegal drugs that are not viable to ones ' health. But evidence does prove that cancer patients use it to cope with severe pain; when other pain killers are not quite effective anymore. Marijuana should not stay illegal and should be banned for good, even in states that have legalized this drug. The federal government has legalized it and only a few states, but this substance is highly taxed for a great cause. It is highly prevalent in teens that are trying to “fit in.” Parents should talk to their children about the long term effects of marijuana. Marijuana increases the risk of acquiring respiratory infections. Marijuana serves a non-beneficial purpose in healthy Americans free of disease; furthermore, the federal government should not allow Americans to use marijuana because it increases hospital admissions, promotes stress, and is heavily taxed. Medical marijuana alleviates chronic pain in cancer patients. That suffer from nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Marijuana does increase a person’s appetite, but should not be overly consumed in large quantities. The evidence against it is far more
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Many Americans will consume it just to “blend in”. While cancer patients need it to cope with substantial amount of pain. However, it serves a great purpose in that aspect, but long term it only causes more problems. Primarily, with an increase in hospital admissions, and you ultimately should stay away from it. Although the government does not want to legalize it all over the U.S. many Americans do. But, it will only result in paying more money for a drug that is harmful to the human body. No one truly knows the negative effects, but after reading this essay I hope you second guess your decision if you’re ever peer pressured into trying

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