Persuasive Essay: The Dangers Of Medical Marijuana

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There is a way to instantly save up to 13 billion dollars. There is a way to create jobs in agriculture and marketing. There is a way to put a dent in drug cartel power. There is a way to create lower crime rates. The main danger to this is the person who is selling it. Current drug laws in the U.S are doing more destruction than repair. Legalizing marijuana will benefit the country by: giving people liberty, saving money, limiting failure, creating medicine, and producing a natural source. Marijuana is described as dried flowers, seeds and leaves of the hemp plant. Some believe that the use of marijuana is hazardous to our country. There is conspiracy regarding addiction due to constant usage. It also can create slower motor skills and impaired judgement (at times). It is believed that the use of marijuana can create “anxiety, depression, fast heart rate, and suicidal thoughts in teens.” (Stephanie 1). Also, smoking …show more content…
Medical marijuana can decrease anxiety in many people. “Marijuana users claim the drug helps relieve pain and suppress nausea—two main reasons it’s often used to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy.” (Walsh 1).
To conclude the health benefits marijuana can star in, a major issue that it helps compress is eating disorders. One of the main side effects of smoking marijuana is increased appetite. This increase of the appetite can make people with eating disorders eat more than normally. It can help these individuals gain weight.
An additional reason why marijuana should be legalized here in America is for the hemp plant itself. Hemp is the cannabis plant, especially when grown for its fiber. The fiber of the cannabis plant is extracted and used to make rope, fabrics, and paper. It is a valuable natural resource that can lead to a spark in the nation’s economy. Hemp can be used in soaps, clothing, and lotions as well. Its oil is good for the

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